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Eiríni / Ειρήνη /

  1. Derived from the Ancient Greek, meaning peace, tranquillity, harmony. 

Eirini began as a concept in 2019 as one of Margie’s outlets for fusing creativity, the thrill of playing with art & design and her long standing love of Greece. Out of these visions came conversations with local family and tradesmen, and voila, a fabulous useable space called Eirini was born.

Eirini, meaning peace, situated alongside the main garden of her own property, encapsulates Margie’s spirit. It is an enriching and restful place to call home for the duration of your stay.

Meet Margie

In the 1980’s whilst travelling in Europe, Margie began a love affair with Greece. She spent a decade on the tiny Greek Island of Leros in the Dodecanese. She built family and life there, embedded in the Greek culture. 


Decades later, after many years of working in the arts in Australia, and back on her original home soil of the north-west coast of Tasmania, she has curated an apartment which shines of her experience and nature. 

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